Over the years it has become apparent to myself that more and more platforms have been created and technology has evolved and converged. Music is more accessible and even accessing music which has not been officially released is also accessible. However, alot more restriction to content has been made. As a musician myself, this can be a good and bad thing. When I write a song, pay money to record and upload it or print it on a CD, I don’t always necessarily want people to take it and re write it as their own. But I do get a sense of accomplishment when I hear someone creating a cover of it. As much as we would like to re interpret a piece of content, there are many rules and restrictions that say we can’t. Not many people realise they are the criminals every time they download a song illegally even though the platform to download from it is highly accessable. A good example of this is The Pirate bay, a site that shares files. And even though this site is deemed illegal, the creators state that this wbiste is like a portal to the content; they dont have the content on their computer.

Even sharing files that you bought but uploaded to a server, which obviously is the basis of what The Pirate Bay is, and share the content is even breaking the law. I think that this is big wall in the creativity of our society and sharing of information.  If original thought doesn’t exist then creating a completely new and original piece of material is almost impossible. artists feed off other ideas to inspire them to create. And as more and more restrictions are being made to content, less and less creativity is made and we are left in a world filled with no ideas and imagination. Life would be soulless.

Because of this absurd copyright law, many artists are releasing content which is free. For example, Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor), released The Slip album in 2008 for free under Creative Commons which was 100% free from copyright laws. This album which had a lot of success was because of the lack of restrictions on the content. Trent gave full access to his works saying

‘we encourage you to

remix it

share it with your friends,

post it on your blog,

play it on your podcast,

give it to strangers,


Trent encourages listeners to engage with his material. A lot of his success has been because of self promotion.

If the world we lived wasnt all about control, the content would be shared freely and there wouldn’t be a need for illegal downloading. After all, there is no such thing as original thought.