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Monthly Archives: April 2013

With the convergence of media platforms and technologies, content creators have had to adopt a new way to share their content to gain as much audience as possible. As we live now in a society where we use multiple platforms to communicate, it only seemed natural that the flow of content is made accessible through different avenues. We see this happen especially in blockbuster films, where the story does not stop at the one film but it continues to expand in sequels and then into video games, books and even food. We see start to see the story evolve more into an experience that contributes to a larger puzzle which adds substance to the story line as well as adding possible back stories and in-depth character profile – creating an extension to the world that is already portrayed in its original first source. For me, transmedia has always played a big part in the way I engage with films. Being a huge film fanatic, there is always that need to want more information about the characters and the storyline. A good example of this was my high interest in Resident Evil. The books (all but 2 – these were more in-depth storyline of the game which are actually side stories), video games and films was, for the most part, the backbone of the central story line. Although there were many R.E films made, because of the nature of the complex storyline, a lot of the back stories or additional information had to be found in the video games which better explain certain plots. I did find  contradictions in the storyline of the films to the games which didn’t coincide. This made me a little bit disappointed because it didn’t follow the same storyline but on the other hand, it did make me a lot more active in the way I engaged with the content. Whether we like it or not, we are all somehow engaging in transmedia; from the video games we play, to the clothes we wear, we are all examples of Transmedia in the works.


Already 6 weeks into this course and I am starting to feel tested. I am not a ver good writer, in fact, i am better off talking as I articulate a lot better. But in saying this I have learnt a lot from this course and the material we have covered. For me, the thing that stands out the most is the effects that the media has on us. We are so used subliminal messages being sent to us and almost living in a desensitized world, that we no longer think for ourselves nor do we care to even want to learn more about it. I think what startles me more and more every day and every time we have a lecture, is that I am living this ignorance. I have been well aware of things happening around me and the society, but this course so far has  heightened my awareness; I can’t even watch a television commercial or a mainstream news bulletin without analyzing and questioning everything. If I wasn’t a skeptic before, I sure am now. And that is not say I don’t believe anything, as I  believe that there is some truth even if the roots are almost stripped away, but I  have learnt to widen my eyes and see what’s really between the lines.

Reading other people’s entries have redefined that we all have different opinions, but that if we investigate and see for ourselves, we all open our eyes to the same thing. Mass realization is very cool. I look forward to learning more and discovering this for myself through the readings, other people and the lectures.

It seems that now days journalists that study at university for 3 years to then graduate with a certificate that states something along the lines of “now you are worthy to report” are not the only ones reporting breaking news. Since the  use of social media has become increasingly popular with not only people in general but also news groups, it seems that anyone could be a journalist of some sort. This fancy new way of spreading information quicker than a virus has developed a new way to transmit news more efficiently with the limit of 140 words. This does not mean that all the information that is reported is of substance or even correct, but it does change the way view our society. Suddenly, the world becomes smaller. With the effect of social media platforms, the audiences are not only just consuming but they are also re-tweeting, sharing or commenting on the latest news.

Although there are many social platforms in which information is readily passed, i like the idea of Twitter being the platform of choice for news groups. According an online news network KCNN, efficiency, speed and simplicity are amongst some of the positive traits that Twitter has. It works not only for the general public but Twitter is actually quite valuable for journalists. They can gather information from the community, cross-source information, able to respond (which I think gives news a more personal touch) to people’s concerns and or comments but most importantly  saves a lot of time. In fact, Twitter has been known to report breaking news before network channels even hear of the story.

In my opinion, cross sourcing information from the general public as well as collecting their own information brings about a news story that isn’t just one-sided. In fact I belive people want to hear news from the people who are actually part an event or news story, hearing their points of views, rather than from a news reporter or journalist who is prepped before hand.

There is one really good show that I love to watch. And for me, that is a big thing to say; television doesn’t really have much substance these days. But when Modern Family came out it really made an effort to start questioning and challenging our ideologies and the way we view society. Everyone has their own interpretation of what a family is and how it should be look like. However, the families depicted are ones that are not necessarily your usual type. The older gentleman and the new foreign wife who is considerably much younger than him, the middle class family with 3 children, the middle child to appears to be the smartest of the 3 and eldest and youngest that are not so bright. And then the notably gay couple with an adopted child. All 3 families challenge the ideas and ideologies of what a family should be. I think that show is very well done and shows the diversity of people and families. But like any program that has aspects of challenging the society norm, there have been controversies in regards to same-sex marriage and the roles of genders. The obvious ones are Cameron and Mitchell, the gay couple. In the first season, the show follows their struggle to introduce their adopted baby daughter to the family. Also showing a sub-story with Mitchell and his relationship with his father Jay in terms of his sexuality. As much as the program has tried its best to show the relationship, there has also been criticism from the LGBT community, saying that it wasn’t a true representation of what a gay couple is. The series developed for a long time before the couple were shown to be affectionate towards each other until finally there was a “kissing” scene.

More criticism is shown through the roles of men and woman in the show. Although ironically enough, the show is called MODERN family, none of the 2 mothers and Cameron, who is depicted as the feminine one of the gay couple have jobs in the show. They are all depicted as stay at home mothers. Some people say that this is not a true representation of modern society and that it pigeon holes woman. Another argument is stereotyping the intellectuality of men and woman. In the family with Clair and Phil, the wife Clair is not very good with electronics and cannot use the television remote or anything electronic. This is the same for the eldest child Hayley. Where Luke, the youngest and supposed ‘dumbest’ of the 3, can easily use electronics because he is a boy. Another example would be Gloria and Jay. Gloria, a very attractive woman married to a man old enough to be her father, is portrayed as a strong woman who doesn’t work and is supported by her husband giving the impression that she is a gold digger, and that she married an older man for his money.

Modern Family and its attempt to breakdown the walls of traditional families can also be argued that it has tried to very lightly. It has not really succeeded in showing what an evolved family could be, but rather it shows a more traditional and almost backward ideology of men, women and families masquerading as comedy and entertainment.

The end of year brings forth a new technology, The Google Glass. This new technology will mean a revolutionary change to the way engage with people and the environment around us. Google have gone to great extents and lengths to design something that would make our lives easier. A product that is  is hands free and virtually be connected to the world with a single command. This new technology, if succesful, could potentially mean an end to a lot of technologies today such as the phone.

As the phone is attached to our bodies, it has become almost an extension of us; we no longer seek to ask questions. We have the answers at the touch of a screen. This has significantly changed the way we interact. But the idea of the google glass goes one step further,  to completely having access to the internet wherever we go. This has bought up a lot of questions regarding privacy. It does not raise any new privacy breaches in fact it just enhances the ones we currently have. Some of the features include facial recognition and icons that appear above people’s heads and also the ability to take video and snap shots from your point of view. This is could be a concern that anyone can record you and then post in the internet without your consent. Bluetooth may also be a risk, people can hack into your files and see and view photos that are stored in your data. Another feature is that it also includes a GPS. This has ist advantages as it will provide navigation wherever you are, however this may also prompt people to wear it while driving. As the product is made to function with the displays in the lenses it may interfere with the concentration of the driver.

Despite this, one of the benefits to these glasses as explain in this article, it could be used for people with dementia and people suffering from memory loss.