Already 6 weeks into this course and I am starting to feel tested. I am not a ver good writer, in fact, i am better off talking as I articulate a lot better. But in saying this I have learnt a lot from this course and the material we have covered. For me, the thing that stands out the most is the effects that the media has on us. We are so used subliminal messages being sent to us and almost living in a desensitized world, that we no longer think for ourselves nor do we care to even want to learn more about it. I think what startles me more and more every day and every time we have a lecture, is that I am living this ignorance. I have been well aware of things happening around me and the society, but this course so far has  heightened my awareness; I can’t even watch a television commercial or a mainstream news bulletin without analyzing and questioning everything. If I wasn’t a skeptic before, I sure am now. And that is not say I don’t believe anything, as I  believe that there is some truth even if the roots are almost stripped away, but I  have learnt to widen my eyes and see what’s really between the lines.

Reading other people’s entries have redefined that we all have different opinions, but that if we investigate and see for ourselves, we all open our eyes to the same thing. Mass realization is very cool. I look forward to learning more and discovering this for myself through the readings, other people and the lectures.