With the convergence of media platforms and technologies, content creators have had to adopt a new way to share their content to gain as much audience as possible. As we live now in a society where we use multiple platforms to communicate, it only seemed natural that the flow of content is made accessible through different avenues. We see this happen especially in blockbuster films, where the story does not stop at the one film but it continues to expand in sequels and then into video games, books and even food. We see start to see the story evolve more into an experience that contributes to a larger puzzle which adds substance to the story line as well as adding possible back stories and in-depth character profile – creating an extension to the world that is already portrayed in its original first source. For me, transmedia has always played a big part in the way I engage with films. Being a huge film fanatic, there is always that need to want more information about the characters and the storyline. A good example of this was my high interest in Resident Evil. The books (all but 2 – these were more in-depth storyline of the game which are actually side stories), video games and films was, for the most part, the backbone of the central story line. Although there were many R.E films made, because of the nature of the complex storyline, a lot of the back stories or additional information had to be found in the video games which better explain certain plots. I did find  contradictions in the storyline of the films to the games which didn’t coincide. This made me a little bit disappointed because it didn’t follow the same storyline but on the other hand, it did make me a lot more active in the way I engaged with the content. Whether we like it or not, we are all somehow engaging in transmedia; from the video games we play, to the clothes we wear, we are all examples of Transmedia in the works.