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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Clicktivism- There’s my 5 cents – I have a strong passion for this. Maybe it’s because I use the internet regularly, but nothing grinds my gears more than seeing someone “like” a page and think they have done something good for the planet. I really did enjoy this topic a lot, because it redefined the need for social activism. I am not one to be a raging activist, but giving a damn about society is what I am about. Although I am quite adamant at the fact that I do not engage on online activism, I do feel that there is a place for it, and maybe one day I can reconcile with the fact that this is a step forward into the future. I may have even learnt a ‘pro’ about online activism – not that I want to admit it.

R3M!X CuL7UЯ3 – This was probably my favorite topic so far. I have such a passion for music and remixing. It never really occurred to me that online news could also be remixed into videos. Of course like I mentioned in my blog, the word is commonly used to describe music, but in this topic I did learn a lot more about what exactly remix does to the culture and how we thrive for new ideas and concepts through various sources. Searching through the internet, I became rather inspired to know that my art is actually a lot bigger than what I thought.

Becoming Transmedia-  I honestly can say that I have never heard the word transmedia before, and even more surprised that I have somehow engaged with it all my life. It’s funny how that happens, living blissfully unaware about something until its made evident, then all you can see is just that. And with saying this, I can now be a lot more aware of the engagement and hidden potentials of sources. I think its great that transmedia can bring a community in even a world-wide perspective together from the love of a tv show or film

This semester so far has been more than just a chore, I don’t think I have felt so right learning a subject. The online blogging hardly feels like homework to me and the lectures are always so engaging. I guess this gives more of an excuse to watch YouTube. I have had a lot of fun, it has been hard, but for the most part I think I started to feel a lot more comfortable within myself and this subject.


When you thought bullying was only whiting the walls of a school ground, think again. This epidemic, cyber-bullying and trolling which is taking over like a virus really, is now becoming one of the most centered discussions about social media platforms. With the ever-expanding of technologies and the accessibility of social media platforms, no longer can kids have a haven away from their nightmare at school; it now follows them home. There have been countless of reports about suicides resulting from cyber bullying and not mention the disruption of normal on-topic discussions online; trolling. This is another form of cyber-bullying but a little more random. This usually happens on YouTube I find. Where there are some people, who are dubbed as ‘keyboard warriors’, who like to hide behind the screen and interrupt conversations by posting something inflammatory and off-topic conversations with the intent to create a stir from the readers.

But what is more interesting is that cyber-bullying also happens in the business world. In fact, trolling and cyberbullying, ironically as it sounds, doesn’t discriminate and is evident in about all aspects of social media.


There has been a trend in Facebook pages that show content that is rather sexist. From a social point of view, this sort of discrimination may not happen out in the open but it’s very prominent in the online world. And what is disappointing is that a lot of woman are part of these pages. It may just be an innocent joke now, but the more we view this type of content, the more desensitised we become and that sends out the message that it is ok. Another site that allows users to post online bullying anonymously is Tumblr. One person though sought out to fix this problem. Got an anon giving you hell? Try this! 

On another note, there are many sites that are dedicated to the “naming and shaming” of these individuals. And giving thanks to evolution and the survival of the fittest, as we may think, all credit is given to these people who post these vile things on the internet with their name attached to it. Smart right? So what does this mean for the perps? Well probably never being able to find a job. Most companies now search for your name on Facebook and other social platforms, and once something is on the internet, you can better believe it’s there forever.


Links to the websites dedicating to “naming and shaming” can be found bellow. Please enjoy as much as I did.



I am going to start off by saying that I have some pretty strong opinions about this topic. Clicktivism, is a common thing now on social media platforms. I see it all the time on especially Facebook. The Kony 2012 was a huge example of this. I must admit, I did for a while get sucked into it. And I say this because in hindsight, i believe, it was more of a fashion trend. I didn’t know who Kony was but after watching the video (which went forever may I add), i knew a little about him. Not enough to say that I was well-educated, but about enough as most people did after watching it. I say I was sucked into this trend for the following reasons: after the 20 minor so video, I did feel somewhat compelled to make a change. I even signed up on the website that would then give me all the information that I needed to know to ‘cover’ the city with all the propaganda. This video did go out of control, people had stickers on their cars, they had shirts, and so the weeks went past and the more people became aware of it, and for a moment, every one felt good about themselves. But then suddenly nothing happened. It was pretty much the biggest anti climax. People moved on from the agenda as quickly as the ate it all up. I then realised that raising an online awareness, which is what clicktivism is about, isn’t enough to make a substantial change. Everyone felt good about themselves, but where does that leave the supposed children who are forced into this life that Kony made for them. I didn’t feel that after all of my efforts, anything happened. And to really think about, I can’t really say that I put much effort into it at all. A few ‘clicks’ and suddenly I was meant to feel like i changed the world.

People are now so engrossed with what happens in front of their screens that it deters them from real life. So the question is, is Clicktivism destroying social activism. One blog THE STREAM has a very strong view about this. In my opinion, I think it does. However with the growing trend of the internet, it seems natural that  activism adapts itself digitally. Clicktivsm has its place in society but I do not agree that it should take place of social activism.

In the words of one of my favorite bands:

…If you really believe in the words that you preach,
Get off your screens, and onto the streets.


Remixing plays a huge part in our culture. Most people identify the word ‘remix’ with music, and for the most part it is. But with the increased creativity (you may say) of our viewers, the word now extends to videos on news segments as well. We see it just about everywhere, whether it’s the speech of the president or local news, if it’s remix-able, why not? And why not indeed? Creating something humours from something not so tasteful brings a new definition to fun. But is it all fun and games? While it may be creative, it may also breach copyright. This happens quite frequently, a you tube video with audio in the background that was not credited for, will most likely be flagged as a copyright infringement. A good example of this is the Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed. Where a man named Jonathan McIntosh created a mashup of the popular Twilight and Buffy The Vampire Slayer film and tv show to create a sub storyline saying, “the work is an example of fair use transformative storytelling which serves as a visual critique of gender roles and representations in modern pop culture vampire media“. This video was flagged for copyright 3 years after it was uploaded (they took their time didn’t they!). After already having millions of views, translated into several languages, appearing on popular television shows and even nominated for an award, the copyright monster came and bit it in the you know what. And after it’s continues ambiguous arguments from YouTube, Lionsgate Entertainment (producers and distributors of Twilight) also attacked. Things started to get messy, but finally Lionsgate dropped the chargers and the video was back online.

Remix culture plays a huge part in our society and culture. It’s a way to express ourselves and indulge in our creativity. It is a way for us the audience to be active in the way we consume content. Without remix, new ideas would not emerge and our society would become stale and boring. One of my favoirte mash up artsist is
Girl Talk who mashes not just samples of songs but everything from sounds to lyrics. As a musician myself, i find it fascinating that people could mash up or remix others peoples art and create something with an entire new meaning.

…these 2 videos are for funzies, and also why I love Youtube!