Remixing plays a huge part in our culture. Most people identify the word ‘remix’ with music, and for the most part it is. But with the increased creativity (you may say) of our viewers, the word now extends to videos on news segments as well. We see it just about everywhere, whether it’s the speech of the president or local news, if it’s remix-able, why not? And why not indeed? Creating something humours from something not so tasteful brings a new definition to fun. But is it all fun and games? While it may be creative, it may also breach copyright. This happens quite frequently, a you tube video with audio in the background that was not credited for, will most likely be flagged as a copyright infringement. A good example of this is the Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed. Where a man named Jonathan McIntosh created a mashup of the popular Twilight and Buffy The Vampire Slayer film and tv show to create a sub storyline saying, “the work is an example of fair use transformative storytelling which serves as a visual critique of gender roles and representations in modern pop culture vampire media“. This video was flagged for copyright 3 years after it was uploaded (they took their time didn’t they!). After already having millions of views, translated into several languages, appearing on popular television shows and even nominated for an award, the copyright monster came and bit it in the you know what. And after it’s continues ambiguous arguments from YouTube, Lionsgate Entertainment (producers and distributors of Twilight) also attacked. Things started to get messy, but finally Lionsgate dropped the chargers and the video was back online.

Remix culture plays a huge part in our society and culture. It’s a way to express ourselves and indulge in our creativity. It is a way for us the audience to be active in the way we consume content. Without remix, new ideas would not emerge and our society would become stale and boring. One of my favoirte mash up artsist is
Girl Talk who mashes not just samples of songs but everything from sounds to lyrics. As a musician myself, i find it fascinating that people could mash up or remix others peoples art and create something with an entire new meaning.

…these 2 videos are for funzies, and also why I love Youtube!