I am going to start off by saying that I have some pretty strong opinions about this topic. Clicktivism, is a common thing now on social media platforms. I see it all the time on especially Facebook. The Kony 2012 was a huge example of this. I must admit, I did for a while get sucked into it. And I say this because in hindsight, i believe, it was more of a fashion trend. I didn’t know who Kony was but after watching the video (which went forever may I add), i knew a little about him. Not enough to say that I was well-educated, but about enough as most people did after watching it. I say I was sucked into this trend for the following reasons: after the 20 minor so video, I did feel somewhat compelled to make a change. I even signed up on the website that would then give me all the information that I needed to know to ‘cover’ the city with all the propaganda. This video did go out of control, people had stickers on their cars, they had shirts, and so the weeks went past and the more people became aware of it, and for a moment, every one felt good about themselves. But then suddenly nothing happened. It was pretty much the biggest anti climax. People moved on from the agenda as quickly as the ate it all up. I then realised that raising an online awareness, which is what clicktivism is about, isn’t enough to make a substantial change. Everyone felt good about themselves, but where does that leave the supposed children who are forced into this life that Kony made for them. I didn’t feel that after all of my efforts, anything happened. And to really think about, I can’t really say that I put much effort into it at all. A few ‘clicks’ and suddenly I was meant to feel like i changed the world.

People are now so engrossed with what happens in front of their screens that it deters them from real life. So the question is, is Clicktivism destroying social activism. One blog THE STREAM has a very strong view about this. In my opinion, I think it does. However with the growing trend of the internet, it seems natural that  activism adapts itself digitally. Clicktivsm has its place in society but I do not agree that it should take place of social activism.

In the words of one of my favorite bands:

…If you really believe in the words that you preach,
Get off your screens, and onto the streets.