Clicktivism- There’s my 5 cents – I have a strong passion for this. Maybe it’s because I use the internet regularly, but nothing grinds my gears more than seeing someone “like” a page and think they have done something good for the planet. I really did enjoy this topic a lot, because it redefined the need for social activism. I am not one to be a raging activist, but giving a damn about society is what I am about. Although I am quite adamant at the fact that I do not engage on online activism, I do feel that there is a place for it, and maybe one day I can reconcile with the fact that this is a step forward into the future. I may have even learnt a ‘pro’ about online activism – not that I want to admit it.

R3M!X CuL7UЯ3 – This was probably my favorite topic so far. I have such a passion for music and remixing. It never really occurred to me that online news could also be remixed into videos. Of course like I mentioned in my blog, the word is commonly used to describe music, but in this topic I did learn a lot more about what exactly remix does to the culture and how we thrive for new ideas and concepts through various sources. Searching through the internet, I became rather inspired to know that my art is actually a lot bigger than what I thought.

Becoming Transmedia-  I honestly can say that I have never heard the word transmedia before, and even more surprised that I have somehow engaged with it all my life. It’s funny how that happens, living blissfully unaware about something until its made evident, then all you can see is just that. And with saying this, I can now be a lot more aware of the engagement and hidden potentials of sources. I think its great that transmedia can bring a community in even a world-wide perspective together from the love of a tv show or film

This semester so far has been more than just a chore, I don’t think I have felt so right learning a subject. The online blogging hardly feels like homework to me and the lectures are always so engaging. I guess this gives more of an excuse to watch YouTube. I have had a lot of fun, it has been hard, but for the most part I think I started to feel a lot more comfortable within myself and this subject.