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Information is every changing and ever evolving. As concepts of new technologies move forward to better their last creation, so does the source. As I will try do describe the difference between open source and closed source, the first concept we must all ponder is, do we have the choice? And many of you would argue that you chose to buy either the iOS operating system or the android, but does it mean you have fully unlocked the potential of it all?

Android or open source operating system, goes by the philosophy that anypne can change or make an input to better the software. With this idea we can see how the software develops quickly and how the system provides a lot more to offer for the user. Anyone can write or re write codes for any particular programme on the software. The popular “rooting” of the software goes beyond its uses and allows for the user to have unlimited access to the system. This is isn’t to be confused with the iOS “jail breaking”.

iOS or closed source, is a source that is licensed under the rights of the creator. This means, that you cannot change, modify or share in any way the content. However,”jail breaking” was created to try and by-pass the restrictions of iOS.

As mentioned before “jail breaking” and “rooting’ are 2 different things. And while they can be mistaken as they are both designed to bypass the restrictions. While ‘Jail breaking” removes some restrictions of the iOS, rooting goes further to let the user completely remove, if they wish, the operating system. This is one of the biggest differences between them both. It allows the user to become a sort of ‘superuser’ in a way. There are some downsides to the endless possibilities. Some things that are designed could actually damage your phone as it may carry viruses. This is probably one of the biggest arguments the iOS have; they create something that 3rd parties can not tamper or shift and therefore ensure that the program will run as intended. As much as Apple have the great intentions to make sure that every Apple device will work, It’s like a mother not letting their chid out of the house for fear of any outsider to come and in ‘infect’ them. But is it morally correct to not give us the choice to experience.?

I have been a firm Apple user for a long time, but I think after investigating the notion of closed and open source and what this mean for me, I may have changed my mind about Android.

maybe one day…