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When you thought bullying was only whiting the walls of a school ground, think again. This epidemic, cyber-bullying and trolling which is taking over like a virus really, is now becoming one of the most centered discussions about social media platforms. With the ever-expanding of technologies and the accessibility of social media platforms, no longer can kids have a haven away from their nightmare at school; it now follows them home. There have been countless of reports about suicides resulting from cyber bullying and not mention the disruption of normal on-topic discussions online; trolling. This is another form of cyber-bullying but a little more random. This usually happens on YouTube I find. Where there are some people, who are dubbed as ‘keyboard warriors’, who like to hide behind the screen and interrupt conversations by posting something inflammatory and off-topic conversations with the intent to create a stir from the readers.

But what is more interesting is that cyber-bullying also happens in the business world. In fact, trolling and cyberbullying, ironically as it sounds, doesn’t discriminate and is evident in about all aspects of social media.


There has been a trend in Facebook pages that show content that is rather sexist. From a social point of view, this sort of discrimination may not happen out in the open but it’s very prominent in the online world. And what is disappointing is that a lot of woman are part of these pages. It may just be an innocent joke now, but the more we view this type of content, the more desensitised we become and that sends out the message that it is ok. Another site that allows users to post online bullying anonymously is Tumblr. One person though sought out to fix this problem. Got an anon giving you hell? Try this! 

On another note, there are many sites that are dedicated to the “naming and shaming” of these individuals. And giving thanks to evolution and the survival of the fittest, as we may think, all credit is given to these people who post these vile things on the internet with their name attached to it. Smart right? So what does this mean for the perps? Well probably never being able to find a job. Most companies now search for your name on Facebook and other social platforms, and once something is on the internet, you can better believe it’s there forever.


Links to the websites dedicating to “naming and shaming” can be found bellow. Please enjoy as much as I did.