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The end of year brings forth a new technology, The Google Glass. This new technology will mean a revolutionary change to the way engage with people and the environment around us. Google have gone to great extents and lengths to design something that would make our lives easier. A product that is  is hands free and virtually be connected to the world with a single command. This new technology, if succesful, could potentially mean an end to a lot of technologies today such as the phone.

As the phone is attached to our bodies, it has become almost an extension of us; we no longer seek to ask questions. We have the answers at the touch of a screen. This has significantly changed the way we interact. But the idea of the google glass goes one step further,  to completely having access to the internet wherever we go. This has bought up a lot of questions regarding privacy. It does not raise any new privacy breaches in fact it just enhances the ones we currently have. Some of the features include facial recognition and icons that appear above people’s heads and also the ability to take video and snap shots from your point of view. This is could be a concern that anyone can record you and then post in the internet without your consent. Bluetooth may also be a risk, people can hack into your files and see and view photos that are stored in your data. Another feature is that it also includes a GPS. This has ist advantages as it will provide navigation wherever you are, however this may also prompt people to wear it while driving. As the product is made to function with the displays in the lenses it may interfere with the concentration of the driver.

Despite this, one of the benefits to these glasses as explain in this article, it could be used for people with dementia and people suffering from memory loss.