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It seems that now days journalists that study at university for 3 years to then graduate with a certificate that states something along the lines of “now you are worthy to report” are not the only ones reporting breaking news. Since the  use of social media has become increasingly popular with not only people in general but also news groups, it seems that anyone could be a journalist of some sort. This fancy new way of spreading information quicker than a virus has developed a new way to transmit news more efficiently with the limit of 140 words. This does not mean that all the information that is reported is of substance or even correct, but it does change the way view our society. Suddenly, the world becomes smaller. With the effect of social media platforms, the audiences are not only just consuming but they are also re-tweeting, sharing or commenting on the latest news.

Although there are many social platforms in which information is readily passed, i like the idea of Twitter being the platform of choice for news groups. According an online news network KCNN, efficiency, speed and simplicity are amongst some of the positive traits that Twitter has. It works not only for the general public but Twitter is actually quite valuable for journalists. They can gather information from the community, cross-source information, able to respond (which I think gives news a more personal touch) to people’s concerns and or comments but most importantly  saves a lot of time. In fact, Twitter has been known to report breaking news before network channels even hear of the story.

In my opinion, cross sourcing information from the general public as well as collecting their own information brings about a news story that isn’t just one-sided. In fact I belive people want to hear news from the people who are actually part an event or news story, hearing their points of views, rather than from a news reporter or journalist who is prepped before hand.